Big Brother is watching you....

The last 3 months have gone by in a whirl here at Square-Image.

We just wanted to share a few of those moments with you as it is a good example of the varied, unusual, eclectic but absolutely lovely job we do, so pull up a chair for a few minutes.....

Sam shot off to the health spa Champneys, not for a bit of pampering and soothing mud wrap, (she says!) but because she was commissioned to take the exclusive photographs of Tara Reid after she was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Tara thoroughly enjoyed being styled and having her hair and make-up done and Sam came away with one of the few sets of pictures of Tara not in a bikini!

Sam was also commissioned by Jemca Toyota to photograph all their London showrooms. The photographs aren't for publication but will be framed and hung in the boardroom of their HQ.

Sam has also been at Scotland yard recently with the charity Kids Taskforce who were launching a safety film. They are an amazing charity who work with schools on child safety issues.

Lastly, we were asked by Voluntary Action Westminster to take the photographs for their Annual Review. They wanted portraits of the people who used and worked for their service to highlight the diversity of what they do. With that brief in mind we spent two days visiting volunteers and service users to take their portraits.

It's now the beginning of December and things don't seem to be slowing down at all.

Which leaves us with wishing everyone a very happy Christmas and looking forward to seeing you all in 2012.